Our Story


Igor, Goldy Event founder, is the person you need for your perfect wedding ceremony. With over 17 years of experience, he knows all the challenges you can face and all solutions for them. Main job for him is to make your wedding day a day that represents YOU.


Josipa is the prettier part of the team and the brain behind every event. If you ever dreamed about your perfect wedding, Josipa will make that dream come true. After your event, you may also receive as a gift one of her paintings or a creation created just for you.

“I Do” in Zagreb
There is one old Croatian song that says “Zagreb, Zagreb, open the doors of your dream parks…
Zagreb, Zagreb, a thousands of greetings I am bringing to you … Zagreb, Zagreb, I will sing to you the most beautiful song… Zagreb, Zagreb, you are my favorite city ...”and it’s no wonder why this city is becoming more popular every year by tourist from all over the world and why they keep coming back. With his old history he pushes you to fall in love with his amazing architecture, beautiful parks and old town venues yet with his colorful life vibes and open heart for everything that is little bit special and different can make your memories unique and unforgettable. There is something special and spectacular about him and to have a wedding in Zagreb would be something truly remarkable. If you don’t settle for less than remarkable for your wedding day be free to contact us.